The MRL lift „Space” is a top-class product which stands out due to the small amount of space it requires and its high-quality technical components. The „Space” range is further distinguished by its high level of running smoothness, direct approach, control elements and special functions which will appeal to service companies and customers alike. A variety of cabin designs and accessories are available to fulfil the most discerning customer requirements.

We design, manufacture, deliver and install on demand and on schedule throughout Europe. Our type-examination tested MRL lift range with a carrying capacity from 350 kg to 2500 kg makes our customers flexible and competive.

Our range of non-MRL lift systems includes traction and hydraulic systems with a carrying capacity from 240 kg - 16'000 kg for the following uses:

  • Passenger lifts
  • Glass panorama lifts
  • Bed lifts, lifts for the disabled
  • Goods lifts
  • Service lifts



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