Merico LTD specializes in engineering, commissioning and wholesale trading of complete lift systems, constrution kits and components. The Merico GmbH Head Office is located in Switzerland. A branch office in Hungary was opened to coincide with the commencement of business which operates under the name of Merico Components Zrt. since 2010. Roger Meier and Enrico Mak are Merico GmbH's Managing Directors. Merico GmbH has a world-class team of lift experts and graduate engineers with extensive expert knowledge and know-how of lifts. This constellation of Swiss quality, a cost-effective production location and superior know-how results in products that are unparalleled.

Merico GmbH's core business is trading with our own lift range named „Space”, which comprises lifts without machine rooms (MRL) tested for type examination. Our target customers are mainly small and mid-sized companies who benefit from our advantageous services and products.


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